Executive Officers

Dr. W. Kent Fuchs
Jane Adams
Vice President for University Relations
Elias G. Eldayrie
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Paula Varnes Fussell
Vice President for Human Resources Services
Dr. Joseph Glover
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. David S. Guzick
Senior Vice President for Health Affairs
Jamie Lewis Keith
Vice President, General Counsel and University Secretary
David E. Kratzer
Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Charles E. Lane
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Michael V. McKee
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Thomas J. Mitchell
Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs
Dr. David P. Norton
Vice President for Research
Dr. Jack P. Payne
Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources
Curtis A. Reynolds
Vice President for Business Affairs

Principal Finance and Accounting Officials

Alan M. West
Assistant Vice President and University Controller
Brad S. Staats
Assistant Vice President for Contracts and Grants Accounting Services
Bradley W. Bennett
Senior Associate Controller for University Disbursement Services, Asset Management, and Cost Analysis
Kathleen M. Tillett
Senior Associate Controller for General Accounting, Financial Reporting, Payroll and Tax Services
Senior Associate Controller for University Bursar and Treasury Management